29MP Image Sensor with High Imaging Sensitivity

Bild: ON SemiconductorBild: ON Semiconductor
The improved performance is beneficial to applications operating in NIR wavelengths, such as 850nm.

The 29MP KAI-29052 image sensor provides up to twice the imaging sensitivity of the existing KAI-29050 in the wavelength range of 500 to 1.050nm. This enhanced pixel design retains isolation of charge from one photodiode to another, enabling this increase in sensitivity without any reduction to image sharpness. In addition, an improved amplifier design reduces read noise by 15%, increasing the linear dynamic range available from the device to 66dB. The image sensor is available in a RoHS-compliant CPGA-72 package in Monochrome, Bayer Color, and Sparse Color configurations, and is fully pin compatible with the KAI-29050 image sensor and a full family of 5.5 micron and 7.4 micron CCD image sensors.

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