WDR-Camera with 140dB

Bild: New Imaging Technologies (NIT)Bild: New Imaging Technologies (NIT)
The dimensions of the Magic camera are 48.6x48.6x32.6mm and <125g.

The Smart Magic camera 1005C (1280x720 pixels, 5.6µm pitch, rolling shutter, color sensor) with RGB Cameralink output offering intrinsic dynamic range >140dB and 14bit resolution. Covering 0.4 to 1µm spectral band with proprietary software or as custom solution. Featuring embedded image processing (AGC, Color management, Gamma) on FPGA, the robust dynamic camera is dedicated to demanding application such as Enhanced Vision Systems, space launchers, fire bench, steel.

New Imaging Technologies (NIT) ?


New Imaging Technologies (NIT)

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