Robot Grasping Demonstrated at Automate and ProMat Trade Shows

Smart Gripper

Tactile sensing and force feedback are - and have been - problem areas for robot grasping. Humans could see, select and pick so much faster. Yet to handle the millions of different everyday items in our factories and warehouses, costly positioning and camera systems have been required. These systems made it easy for fast robots with simple grippers to pick items as they came along - but at great cost.

Bild: The Robot ReportBild: The Robot Report
This year at Automate and ProMat trade shows a few companies demonstrated smart gripper systems that can piece-pick random goods at speed.

Chicago's huge McCormick Place Conference Center was once again home to the Automate and ProMat trade shows. Automate for robotics; ProMat for material handling solutions. Over 900 exhibitors covered 350,000 square foot at ProMat while 400+ companies exhibited at the Automate show. Up until recently no vendor has been able to randomly grasp - at speed - all the different products needing to be handled. A major objective of improved grasping - in addition to supplementing or replacing human labor - is to reduce the high cost of fixtures, conveyors, sorting and positioning systems. The challenge to low-cost effective grasping was described in the U.S. Robotics Roadmap.

The Robot Report

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