Super speed contact sensor

Bild: BAP Image Systems GmbHBild: BAP Image Systems GmbH
The speed contact sensor is able to operate in a free-run mode with user programmable line cycle without external synchronization.

The sensor's built-in light and optical system replaces traditional camera lenses, mirrors, and external lights. The sensor is able to keep up with maximum object speeds of 0.6m/s in 600dpi and 2.2m/s in 300dpi. Thanks to a true tri-linear RGB video capture high image quality is given. Already built in the sensor is a 3x10bit image signal processing path and image enhancement functions. Furthermore the system has a flat field correction and linearization, LUT curve tonal and color mapping, Color Correction Matrix, and colorspace conversion. The sensor may work with external line and/or frame triggers.

BAP Image Systems GmbH

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