Hyperspectral Recovery from RGB Images

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Conventional cameras capture images using only three frequency bands (red, blue, green), while the full visual spectrum is a much richer representation that facilitates a wide range of additional and important applications. A new technology allows conventional cameras to increase their spectral resolution, capturing information over a wide range of wavelengths without the need for specialized equipment or controlled lighting.

Bild: Hc VisionBild: Hc Vision
Figure 1 | HC-Vision?s hyperspectral reconstruction methods: A rich hyperspectral prior is collected, a corresponding hyperspectral dictionary is produced and projected to RGB. Once produced, the dictionary may be used to reconstruct novel images without

Hyperspectral (HS) imaging systems are capable of collecting the complete spectral signature reflected from each point in a given scene, producing a much more spectrally detailed image than that provided by RGB cameras. Although these systems are widely used in industrial and scientific settings, they have yet to find a place in the consumer market due to their cost, size, and slow acquisition process (often requiring close to one minute to acquire a single image).

Bild: Hc VisionBild: Hc Vision
Figure 2: Filter testing platform used to design single chip systems.

HC-Vision's story began at the Ben-Gurion University Interdisciplinary Computational Vision Laboratory where the company's co-founders, Prof. Ohad Ben-Shahar and Boaz Arad, were studying the properties of natural hyperspectral images. To this end they began collecting what is now the largest, most detailed natural hyperspectral image collection published to date. Analysis of this database revealed that, in the case of natural images people experience in typical indoor and outdoor environments, underlying hyperspectral information can be accurately recovered from its RGB projection.

Hc Vision

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