Single CoaXPress CXP6 Camera

Bild: ISVI Corp.Bild: ISVI Corp.

The IC-C18N-CXP and IC-C18R-CXP, 18MP color CMOS cameras with a single CoaXPress CXP6, DIN-1 interface deliver 24fps at a resolution of 4,912x3,684 pixels in 8bit raw BayerGR format. By combining the dynamic range characteristics (65.8dB) of the On-Semiconductor AR1820HS color sensor with a single CoaXPress interface, these cameras provide an extremely cost effective high-resolution solution. The IC-C18N-CXP is a standard housed version with C-mount and additional power and I/O connectors, while the IC-C18R-CXP is a remote-head version with CS-mount consisting of the imager head, base unit and only a single DIN CXP connector.

ISVI Corp.

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