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Embedded Vision Platform for a Wide Range of Industries

The purpose of the Ls Series Embedded Vision Platform is to deliver a versatile and computationally powerful imaging solution that can provide high fidelity imaging along with onboard image analysis for a wide range of industries.

Image: Lumenera CorporationImage: Lumenera Corporation
The Ls Series Embedded Vision Platform offers applicationspecific vision solutions without the overhead of other vision systems.

Many vision systems with processing capabilities are often focused on constrained inspection applications. However, the Ls Series Platform offers the flexibility to work with a variety of long or close-range applications. The FPGA architecture takes advantage of the combined power of a processing system (PS) and programmable logic (PL). The PS works similarly to a computer processor and runs different software depending on the processing requirements for extracting data from an image. The PL is optimized to get significant computational benefits relative to a traditional processor-only design because the logic can be set up to work through specific problems much more efficiently. In a traditional vision system, the components would be interconnected to a computer and only be able to process data at the rate allowed by the interface. With the Ls Series Platform, a new generation of imagers can be pushed to their limits using the PS and PL architecture without being bottlenecked by the limited bandwidth of interfaces like USB3.

Lumenera Corporation

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