3D Sensor with 10kHz in Full HD

Bild: SmartRay GmbHBild: SmartRay GmbH

The 3D sensor Ecco 95.020 with blue laser technology offers high speed 3D scanning of up to 20 million points per second. Delivering speeds up to 10kHz in Full HD, for up to 1920 points per 3D profile and a lateral resolution of 13µm, vertical resolution of approximately 1.3µm, and Z-repeatability of 0.2µm. A 25 mm field of view (FOV) at mid-field positions the performance of the new model between the ultra-high-resolution Ecco 95.010 and the high-resolution Ecco 95.040. The sensor also provides a larger measurement range of 20mm. Users and integrators are supported through the SmartRay DevKit 5.1 (SDK 5.1 SP2) installation package.

SmartRay GmbH

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