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10Gbase Camera with 24.5MP

Bild: Lucid Vision Labs IncBild: Lucid Vision Labs Inc

The first 10Gbase-T Atlas10 ATX245S camera features the Sony Pregius S IMX530 sensor and will enter series production in the early quarter of second 2020. The first model of the Atlas10 camera series features the 24.5 MP Sony Pregius S IMX530 global shutter 4/3" CMOS image sensor offering up to 50fps at full resolution. It utilizes Sony's proprietary back-illuminated pixel structure, which enables a reduction in pixel size to 2.74m while still maintaining excellent imaging performance compared to previous Sony Pregius generations. Atlas10 features active sensor alignment which minimizes sensor tilt and rotation and helps to maximize optical performance of large sensors with small pixels such as the IMX530.

Lucid Vision Labs Inc

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