3D Bin-Picking in Logistic Solution

Bild: Dahua Technology Co.,LtdBild: Dahua Technology Co.,Ltd

Huaray (Dahua) developed a binocular speckle stereo vision technology for bin-picking. The 3D camera is able to output the 3D point cloud and 2D RGB image data by a single image capture. By using Huaray's in-house ISP technology, the camera can realize the image acquisition of highly reflective and light-absorbing parcels. Through a combination of algorithm analysis of the 3D point cloud and the RGB image with deep learning algorithm, it detects the precise parcel segment. The smart path planning algorithm of the robot was developed together with the robot supplier Rokae. In order to to calibrate the pixel coordinate of the camera and the robot vision a hand-eye one click calibration software is used. The capability of the robotic smart sorting and handling system are able to reach 1,200 parcels per hour.

Dahua Technology Co.,Ltd

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