High-resolution PCI Express based cameras

Bild: Stemmer Imaging AGBild: Stemmer Imaging AG

Bild: Ximea GmbHBild: Ximea GmbH

The PCI Express high-speed camera CB262 of Ximea offers 26MP at 150fps when streaming at 10Bits in RAW image format. The new camera is utilizing color and mono versions of the GMAX0505 CMOS sensor from Gpixel which has picture parameters close to sCMOS performance. Twice the 5K resolution of the world's smallest global shutter contains 5120x5120 pixels with a size of 2.5 µm while still providing a dynamic range of 70dB in 12bit mode. This makes it suitable to use it with the compact C-mount lenses.

Bild: IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbHBild: IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

The PCI Express Gen3 interface has a bandwidth of 64Gbits and real data throughput of 7000MB/s.

Ximea GmbH

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