Bin-Picking with 75fps

Bild: Robovis GmbHBild: Robovis GmbH

High speed processing up to 75fps and frame sizes up to 5 million 3D color points (X, Y, Z, R, G, B, and surface normal) makes the 4th generation of the RoboPicker of Robovis perfect to be used in applications such as Pick&Place, Bin-Picking, CAD comparison, CAD surface deviation calculations, paint & surface inspection, metrology applications on metallic and non-metallic surfaces etc. The sensor comes with PMS 4.0 software package to achieve the best parameter configuration to generate high accuracy 3D point clouds and 3D models of even very complex object surfaces. Different object heights are scanned with real dimensions from short-range (0.4 to 3.0m) without step effect or surface-shift.


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