Continuous Strobe Light for Machine Vision Lighting

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Smart Vision Lights 'Hidden Strobe' is a solution to the issue of distracting and disorienting LED strobe lights. It allows the LEDs to internally self-trigger thousands of times per second, creating a nearly continuous light source. When the light is triggered in sync with the camera to capture an image, the Hidden Strobe pulses stop and the programming pulse for the camera is executed.

Strobing (or pulsing) an LED light helps freeze images of fast-moving objects. From an imaging standpoint, LED strobe offers several benefits, but doing so also causes unintended environment hazards to nearby personnel, as these flashing lights can be disorienting and cause issues for employees. A new hardware feature, however, can minimize the negative impacts of strobing LEDs.

Distracting and Disorienting LED Lights

Running a light in "overdrive" mode - where the LED is overdriven past a manufacturer's rating, producing more light but also more heat - helps to get better images at high-speed applications. In fact, traditional overdrive mode can deliver light that is five times more intense than the same light running in continuous mode, while a new "dual overdrive" mode offers 10 times the light of a continuous mode. For this to work, the LEDs must be running in strobed mode. Strobed mode can cause issues in unshielded machine vision systems for nearby operators and factory personnel. These lights can be disorienting and can annoy and distract employees. To reap the benefits of strobed lights in overdrive mode requires the use of shields around the machine vision system to protect operators. Otherwise this method requires the use of five to 10 times the number of total lights. A new Hidden Strobe feature solves all these problems and allows companies to take advantage of LEDs in their most powerful modes while still offering the convenience, ease of use, and safety of a continuous light source.

Smart Vision Lights

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