Bulletin 4983-DS DIN Rail AC Surge Protective Devices are connected in parallel and use an MOV to clamp high-voltage surges. These devices are primarily used in the main electrical panel for the protection of 1- and 3-phase systems.
Offers UL 1449 certification
Offers a compact modular design
Includes a robust design which avoids unnecessary replacement
Offers a visual fault indicator that is linked to internal thermal disconnect
Provides an automatic trigger for SPD replacement
Offers safety remote signaling standard


Zweite Schutzstufe: Überspannungsschutz Typ 2
Überspannungs-Schutz Typ 2, 1-polig, kompakt; Überspannungs-Schutz Typ 2, 3-polig, TT-Systeme, modular; Überspannungs-Schutz Typ 2, 4-polig, TN-S-Systeme, modular; Überspannungs-Schutz Typ 2, 3-polig, TN-C-Systeme, modular; N-PE Überspannungs-Schutz Typ 2, 1-polig, modular;


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