Inverse Controller

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For instant micro-imaging of a wide variety of samples, Opto offers its bench-integrated inverse imaging unit. This innovative 'under-bench' design features integrated camera, high definitioin optics, LED ring light and optional software for aquisition and measurement.

This optimised design enables production samples to be placed onto the glass plate where it is instantly imaged with no focusing required.

All optical components are housed in a compact metal cover that is designed to be integrated at surface level with your working area.

Optical configuration:
- Inverse Optic with fixed focal length
- Digitale Camera (4,92 Mpix resolution, CMOS, USB 3.0)
- LED Ringlight

Technical Data:
- Inverse optical Imaging Module
- Power supply and integrated USB 3.0 cable for PC
- Size: 365 x 10


Inverse Controller
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allg. Automationstechnik;
Industrielle Fertigung
Sicherheitsanwendungen (Zutrittskontrolle)
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