Leonardo Fast Programming System for Robot

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The Leonardo system was born in 2015 as an automated solution to a passage of the production process of a ceramic department customer. Make more or less complex programs to glaze a ceramic piece was an extremely expensive job in terms of time and resources. With the design of Leonardo, we combine a sensitive programming arm with a handle to an industrial PTP robot and through the software developed we allow the operator to manually realize the path that the robot will follow faithfully. Replacing long jobs of expert programmers with fast, instinctive and editable gestures for any resource.


Leonardo Fast Programming System for Robot
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Vielzahl von Roboter-Herstellern
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Software für Oberflächenbehandlung
RD - CG01
Software für Roboter-Klebeaufgaben
RD - GD01
Software für Roboter-Palettieraufgaben
RD - PC01
Software für Roboterbearbeitung/CNC Fertigung
RD - MF01, RD - GC01
Software für Schneidroboter
RD - WC01
Software für Schweißroboter
RD - CW01
Weitere Software für Roboteranwendungen


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