TM ROS Driver

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Robot Operating System (ROS) is an open-source robotics middleware suite, which includes abundant libraries, drivers and tools, intended to help build robot applications more efficiently.
To support ROS, Techman Robot presents the TM ROS Driver for developers to build ROS-based applications with TM Robot by motion control and data acquisition (status, images from EIH camera, etc.). TM ROS Driver also comes with a stack with sample codes, a GUI tool for debugging and resources (URDF) for running simulations with the famous ROS tools – Gazebo and MoveIt.


TM ROS Driver
Unterstützte Roboter
TM Robot
TMcraft, sample codes,GUI tool for debugging and resources (URDF)
Programmierung (grafisch/textuell)
C, C++, Python, TMflow
Schnittstellen und Kommunikation
Topic publisher, Service Server and Action Server
Robot Stick, TM Screen


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