CXP Grabber with up to 25Gbps

Bild: Teledyne DalsaBild: Teledyne Dalsa
The Xtium PX8 frame grabber has onboard processing for Bayer, Lookup Tables and Flat-Line/Flat-Field Correction.

The Xtium frame grabber series will be expanded with a new half-length Coaxpress frame grabber. The PX8 is fully supported by Sapera LT SDK and Teledyne Dalsa´s Trigger-to-Image Reliability platform. Like other models within the series, the grabber takes full advantage of the PCIe Gen 2.0 platform using PCIe x8 slots to deliver bandwidth of up to 2.5GBs from four input channels (6.25Gbps per channel). The series minimizes CPU usage and improves processing times for host applications by enabling maximum sustained throughput and ready-to-use image data.

Teledyne Dalsa Inc.

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