3D Color Camera Enables 1,000picks/h

Bild: Zivid Labs ASBild: Zivid Labs AS

With a robot-mounted Zivid One 3D color camera, a fully-automated robot cell can handle a wide range of products without prior teaching, performing depalletizing and order-picking operations at very high speed. Operating on the principle of time-coded structured light projection, the real-time, full color 3D cameras capture high-quality XYZ points with RGB color data. A 2.3MP image size and an acquisition rate of 13Hz produce vivid high definition 3D color images of even challenging industrial target object materials. Used with a Yasakawa HC-10 robot arm the camera help to achieve +1000 picks per hour. Comprising S, M and L variants the range is helping to further extend the reach of high-quality 3D machine vision into a broader range of applications.

Zivid Labs AS

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