45MP Cameras with Lower Price

Bild: JAI A/SBild: JAI A/S

JAI offers two new variants of their Spark Series 45MP cameras. The SP-45001m-CXP4 (monochrome) and SP-45001C-CXP4 (Bayer color) offer the same resolution as the SP-45000-CXP4 models, but use a reduced-speed version of the CMOS global shutter imager resulting in a list price that is approximately 20 percent below that of the full-speed models. With a maximum full resolution frame rate of 38.67fps for 8-Bit images and 32.23fps for 10-Bit or 12-Bit images, the SP-45001-CXP4 cameras provide ample speed to support a wide range of high resolution applications where the ultra-high performance of the original models is not required.


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