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GPU Server Solution for Inspection

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To ensure reliable parallel computing performance, the system is equipped with a 700W single power supply and 1,400W redundant power supply.

Advantech's industrial GPU server solution comprises an ASMB-813 server board with HPC-7400 industrial server chassis embedded with three GPU cards. Although the performance of a traditional CPU-based hardware computing AOI system exceeds that of a GPU cluster-based software solution, the development and maintenance costs are substantially higher. A CPU-based hardware solution requires multiple PCs to process high-resolution image data from a single camera, whereas a GPU cluster-based solution is capable of processing the same amount of data using only one PC and one GPU cluster. The system supports up to three 225W TDP GPU cards, accelerating visual computing for complex applications and yieldinga highthroughput of high-resolution data.

Advantech Europe BV

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